About the Blog
As one can tell by the name of the blog, The Perfect You, my goal is to work on a personal level with my readers and create articles that will help you reach your ideal you. Many look at themselves and are unhappy and I used to be like that as well, but I’m here with my blog to show you tips and tricks to master your life and how to be overall much happier. There will be dark days in your life, but hopefully my blog will help you through some things.
When you click on this website, you will be greeted by articles written on mental health, body positivity, gender roles and ideology, sexuality acceptance, and other topics such as school, weight loss, clothes, aesthetics, and even more! I might even throw in some personal works, poems, photographs, and other things. I’ll update twice a week so keep track of everything!

About the Blogger
I’ve always wanted to help people. Helping people who are in need or just want someone to be there for them when it seems that everything is falling apart. I guess that filled my need to feel wanted. I knew I couldn’t be a doctor, and I couldn’t be a teacher, I wanted to do something else. Something…more.
I wanted to help people through my passion, writing. Ever since I was little, I created these silly little stories and I knew someday that I would change the world somehow with it. Maybe not the whole world, but maybe I’ll change someone’s world for the better. This is mainly why journalism originally attracted me in the first place. I could use my passion of writing to inform others who pick up a newspaper, or I could help someone who clicks on this website. So when I was told the journalism strand in my school might accept me, I immediately applied to switch and here I am.
Now, I’m a staff writer at the Harbinger. I am a proud member of the LGBT community, and I identify as female. I am 15 years old and a sophomore at Miami Lakes Educational Center, and I’m here to help people learn to accept themselves.

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