Baptiste: Overwatch’s New Addition

Blizzard, keeping to their tradition, has added another character after seemingly no time at all. It seems only a few weeks ago that Ashe was added.

Every three months, Blizzard adds a character to one of their most popular games: Overwatch. With Baptiste, the hero roster has increased to 30 characters in total.

With the addition of the new “Paris” map, Baptiste is a sign that Blizzard is trying to spice up their game. Jeff Kaplan, the founder of Overwatch, has even stated that there are more than eight characters in the making, and so far two have been released.

PC gamers already have access to the new character, leaving console gamers in the dust. It is still unaware when they will have access to the character.

Thankfully, many PC gamers have blessed console gamers by releasing review videos on YouTube.

Baptiste is a new addition to the support roster in the game, becoming the 7th or 8th healer of the game, and originating from Haiti.

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His backstory is intriguing, hopping from leading a selfish life to helping others. Before, Baptiste lived and did what he had to do to survive, but now he is dedicated himself to helping others.

Equipped with “exo boots”, Baptiste can execute insane heights if the player crouches and releases.

The hero has two shooting-types, similar to how heroes such as Zarya have primary and secondary fires. One of his fires shoots healing bullets, similar to Ana, at his allies.

From the many videos I have seen of people trying out his character, not only is his damage output very effective, but his reload time is almost nothing, accompanied by a decent sized round in his gun. I’m afraid this might see a nerf in later times.

“The biotic launcher [his weapon] has two firing modes. The left click shoots a three-round burst that damages the enemies,”, starts famous YouTuber AndrewJRT, further mentioning how it’s nostalgic to Halo.

“The right click launches these little floppers that heal your allies that are near it’s point of impact.”, he finishes.

Next is his ability “regenerative burst”, which is another healing ability he has, although it is not exactly a “burst” per se. When activated, the player heals themself and allies around them over time. Personally, I find this ability a bit too weak when it comes to healing but his secondary fire of healing projectiles do a lot of healing so perhaps it balances out.

Then comes an ability that is probably the reason why so many are going wild over Baptiste. This ability is called “immortality field”, where Baptiste puts down a device that levitates in the air, and allies inside that field are virtually immortal until the ability wears down.

The person inside the field can reach up to 40 health, and from there not take any more damage. This can not only save teammates from sudden ultimates, but it can also provide a sliver of time for healing if your team is looking bad.

The thing about this ability is that, like Sombra’s translocations, the device is destructible, so if the enemy team destroys the device, you and your team are vulnerable.

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Like I previously mentioned, the exo boots have virtually no cool down and allow the player to reach heights others might not.

Finally is his ultimate, the “amplification matrix”. Similar to Ana’s “nano dart” and Mercy’s “damage stream”, the amplification matrix powers up the damage allies produce, along with the healing they also produce.

“The abilities are just seriously awesome,”, says “Weagel” from Your Overwatch, a YouTube channel dedicated to Overwatch news.

My main concern is yes, these abilities are very powerful, but the cooldowns on these abilities are a bit too harsh. Perhaps nerfing his abilities but reducing the cooldowns would be a better option for a character like him, who relies on his abilities.


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