Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse

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Like any other Marvel fan, watching Into The Spiderverse was a must for me. Being one of the few movies to be rated 100% rotated tomatoes, I expected a lot from the movie and I was certainly not disappointed.

Into the Spiderverse follows Miles Morales, an Afro-Latin just trying to get by in the big bad city of Brooklyn. One incident leads to another and Miles becomes the new Spiderman, replacing Peter Parker.

To start off, I honestly was not expecting Into The Spiderverse to be an animated film. I walked and saw the first scene and I was confused. I have not seen any content of the movie at all in any social media platforms; I have been avoiding content to avoid spoilers.

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But the animation gave the movie the sort of spunk that a regular film wouldn’t have been able to give it. It provided wacky effects, and it just overall allowed for a funner to watch movie.

Another thing I didn’t expect that the types of Spiderpeople the viewer met. I assumed that the movie would be based on different dimensions coming together, based on the name, but the characters provided shocked me. Of course I knew Spider-Gwen, but the others weren’t familiar to me.

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I was shocked to see Peni Parker and Peter Porker. Spiderman Noir was a favorite of mine due to my interest with the mafia and the overall aesthetic of the mid 1900’s. Gwen was also a favorite but the Spiderman that truly took my heart was Peter B. Parker.

Not only is Peter B. Parker an overall good guy, he’s funny, he’s smart, he’s analytical, and he’s super relatable. The movie was littered with Gen-Z and millenial humor, which made me feel like I was watching a Deadpool movie.

The movie also had some scenes that almost made me shed tears. When Peter Parker– the original one –dies by the hands of KingPin and Miles is forced to watch it all, my eyes welled up. My absolute favorite scene was when Peter B. Parker was sent back to his dimension. My eyes watered in that scene too.

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Although, like any other Marvel movie, the movie was quite long. Two hours to be exact. I didn’t see the post-credit scene, though, and I am highly disappointed. This was a quaint little review but I just have to say that this movie was overall so adorable and I won’t stop talking about it for days now.


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