Top 10 Female Game Characters

In today’s society, toxic masculinity is a somewhat plague many women experience today, especially in the gaming community.

Even though women make up 49% of the gaming community, many still face discrimination among the men of the gaming community.

Being told they are fake fans to being told to “go back to the kitchen”, that’s just a taste of what women might experience in this “family”.

I myself have experience some toxicity in the community. I was called offensive slurs while gaming one time and that will forever be stuck in my mind.

With all this toxicity, the gaming community can get suffocating. We women need some sort of representation in this world of terror.

With the rise of feminist ideals and equality, women have received more role models in games and other sources.

This article lists the top 10 female game characters, in no particular order, and according to my opinion.

Starting my list off is Clementine, from The Walking Dead. The Walking Dead follows a version of the world where zombies have taken over and everyone must fend for themselves.

In the first game, Clementine is an eight-year-old girl found by the player. At the end of the game, though, the player dies and Clementine takes over and becomes a playable character. We then play the rest of the series through her eyes.

Clementine is arguably one of the best female characters because at only eight years old, she is looked upon by her group members to do tasks others won’t dare to do. She holds a leadership position in her group, and keeps her group together through the toughest times.

She, at such a young age, is surrounded by death, battles, disease, and so many more troubling issues. By going through these issues, she shows us her strength and her bravery, along with her resilience.

She is certainly a character many little girls can look up to.

Next is Max, from the video game Life is Strange. Life is Strange follows the life of college student Max, who finds out she has the power to control time.

The options the player chooses in the game are irreversible and have a butterfly effect, leading Max in twists and turns. She faces life, death, and has to deal with having the world at her hands.

She spends the entire length of the video game protecting her best friend Chloe, doing anything to save her from disasters, even going far enough to reverse time.

She faces corruption at her college campus, and inner battles with her friends, her enemies, and herself.

Her capability to handle the immensely powerful ability she has is jaw-dropping. Not to mention the love and care she holds for her dear friend Chloe is inspiring and it makes hearts go soft at their relationship.

Third on the list is Sam from Until Dawn. Until Dawn is a horror game, where eight young adults are stuck in the woods, desperately attempting to escape the hands of a vicious, ruthless character.

Characters in the game describe Sam as a vegan, a pacifist, cool and spunky, and so many other nice traits. She has strict morals and ethics, but she isn’t afraid at being herself, which is already admirable in itself.

She is diligent, considerate, and adventurous, all perfect traits for the perfect female heroine in video games. Not only that, but she is also very beautiful, which ties the knot on the gift box. She cares deeply about her friends and hates fighting, but will defend her friends until her last breath, which will come in handy when running away from the killer in the woods.

While stuck in the woods, being hunted by a psychotic killer, Sam is put into horrid, embarrassing situations that others would rather kill than be put in. She stays calm and level-headed throughout the whole ordeal, which is a trait needed in such a dangerous situation.

More importantly, even though she has all these good traits, she is still human. Ever since her two best friends Hannah and Beth disappeared, she has blamed herself for their deaths and has felt guilty ever since. Her never-changing positive attitude and her optimistic outlook on surviving against the killer would make anyone fall in love with her.

Then comes Parasoul, from Skullgirls. Skullgirls is a fighter-style type game, where players can collect fighters and moves from boxes the game gifts then every few hours.

Parasoul is one of the playable characters in the game. Her original look includes red hair and lipstick, a black dress, and her ironic black parasol.

Parasoul is the daughter of the previous Skullgirl, a woman turned evil by her selfish wants and desires. Having to go against her own mother and take her down, Parasoul has severe luggage treading behind her.

Even so, she holds extreme power in the Skullgirls world, especially in the mafia and several gangs.

Her character itself is overall an extremely powerful and useful character. She is not only fun to play but she is useful in battles. I definitely recommend giving her character a try, if you’re lucky enough to win her in a box.

Our fifth female character is Senua, from Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. Hellblade follows Senua, a woman that suffers from extreme schizophrenia and other mental illnesses. The story is held in BC times, where Norwegian tribes thrived, along with the beliefs of Greek, Roman, and Scandinavian gods.

The game overall is horrifying, and the aura is spine-chilling. Senua goes on a dangerous adventure to save her husband’s soul from the Underworld. The game is made up of exploration, puzzle solving, and battles.

The thing is: if you die one too many times, the game will reset. Senua was cursed with a disease that, with the more times the player dies, the more the disease spreads.

As she fights against minions and vicious monsters sent by gods trying to keep her from achieving her goal, she faces doubts, schizophrenic episodes, hallucinations, and other factors. The game’s purpose isn’t to show her adventure in saving her husband, it shows a woman’s struggle with mental illnesses.

It’s best you play the game with headphones on. The creepy aura best stands out that way.

Next comes Sadie Adler, a character from Red Dead Redemption 2. Red Dead Redemption 2 follows Arthur Morgan and his crew trying to live their in the Wild West as life develops around them, while trying to fight and strive against her enemies, the O’Driscolls.

Sadie Adler is one of the many poor victims of the O’Driscolls. She is found by Arthur Morgan and others in the first Chapter of the video game after the enemy gang killed her husband and burned her house down.

The Van der Linde gang take her in as their own and she sticks by the women in the gang. The player at first may think she’s just a one-off character, a person that will not matter in the end, she makes a comeback. A strong one.

She becomes part of the gang and makes her mark in the group. She even saddles up and helps Arthur and the boys in their missions, such as robbing trains or other factors.

She has to deal with the death of her husband in a world where toxic masculinity was at its finest. Believed to be a sad, pitiful character, Adler rises up and proves all stereotypes wrong.

Then comes Aveline de Grandpré from the famous, or more infamous game, Assassin’s Creed: Liberation.

Liberation is known amongst the gaming community as a flop. Many who wasted their money on the game were disappointed by the overall outcome of it.

Although there was one good side to the game, and that was Grandpré.

The game takes place around the 1700’s, following the main character in a battle of censorship and hackers. As the player goes on, secrets are uncovered and the story unwinds.

Aveline fits so well into the story, I would arguably say that she is the best thing the game has to offer. She is a black woman with a seductive French accent living her own life, not letting any white man tell her what to do or how to act.

She frees imprisoned slaves and fights alongside the player, even when the game attempts to portray the assassins in a bad light.

She provides the light the game didn’t offer to many gamers who decided to pick the game up.

Our eight best female video game character is Chun-li, from the iconic game Street Fighter. The game, similar to Skullgirls, is a fighter style game released in the late 1980s. She made her first appearance though, in Street Fighter: The World Warrior in 1991.

She is iconic in so many ways. Not only is she astonishing, beautiful, and overall pleasing to look at, but she was the first ever female to be featured in a game of her type.

She falls under the category “Lawful good”. She is a serious character, with a duty to protect others while following the law. She is Chinese and she is proud of her culture, as shown by her outfit, although it has been modified and somewhat sexualized.

She is strongly dedicated in protecting the innocent and her bravery and loyalty even rivals her fathers.

What makes her even better is that she’s human, just like all her fans. Often times, her emotions get the best of her, even though she swears they won’t.

Not all people are perfect, and she is proof of this fact.

Next comes Bayonetta, from the video game by the same name. Bayonetta is a hack and slash video game, similar to Devil May Cry. The goal is to defeat enemies with amazing powers and abilities from Bayonetta, the main character.

Although Bayonetta suffers from extreme oversexualization, that doesn’t disqualify her form falling into the top 10 list. She has amazing powers and abilities, including magical hair that summons minions to do their bidding. That’s already cool in itself.

Bayonetta awakes from a 500 year slumber and must go through the game rediscovering herself and finding out what induced her long slumber.

A powerful female character, she must also take care of a younger, somewhat mini version of herself.

While putting her story together, she forms bonds with other characters, such as Enzo.

Bayonetta is a perfect example that women could dress however they want and still be treated with respect, and that is a message today’s society desperately needs.

Finally, Princess Zelda, an iconic character from the iconic video game, Legend of Zelda. Legend of Zelda is an action adventure video game that is praised and adored in the video game franchise.

Princess Zelda is one of the main characters of the game, but she holds deep importance. Why else would the game be named after her? While the game follows Link, some of his missions may include saving Princess Zelda from imminent danger or problems she’s put herself into.

The game attempts to portray her as a a damsel in distress, but many can see she is far from that. She goes on dangerous missions in several disguises to help her people and others.

She is kind, benevolent, and is wise beyond measure. She is selfless and will hold up her responsibilities above herself and her life. She is even forgiving, as shown when she forgives her enemies for inflicting harm on her.

No wonder so many people love her. Not only does she come from an iconic background, but she is a character that is worth looking up to herself.

In today’s day and age, video games are a popular hobby, and many young girls are picking up this hobby. It’s nice to see so many female characters that girls can play and look up to at the same time.


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