More Representation in Overwatch

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Before 2019, the only confirmed LGBT character in Overwatch was Lena Oxton, more known as her hero name: Tracer.

Now, just a few days ago, another character has been confirmed homosexual.

Jack Morrison, or Soldier 76, was confirmed gay by Blizzard.

In a released video for a mini-event dedicated to healer Ana, it is shown that Soldier 76 has kept a photo of him and a man named Vincent.

The dialogue in a released script between the two former Overwatch members proves that Soldier held, and still holds, deep feelings for a man named Vincent.

The video also reveals that Vincent has moved on from Soldier, and has even married.

The community does not know who this “Vincent” character is, but many speculate he might be a new addition to the hero roster in the video game.

There are several rumors that Hero 30 is far into the process of being made, with models already being created for the character. It is quite possible this mentioned Hero is Vincent.

Hero 29, Ashe, was released about a month ago, so perhaps the new hero will be revealed in about two months. If the production of the hero is going this quickly, it is highly possible that they will be released along with the Lunar event.

Overwatch has always been known to have an extremely diverse hero roster. Blizzard’s goal is to create a character to represent different ethnicities, sexualities, genders, and so on.

We see characters from monkeys to evil scientists to omnic monks, but we have only seen one LGBT character.

This has caused some controversy within the community.

Although fans had theories on certain characters being LGBT, Blizzard never truly confirmed anything, besides one time in a Q&A where Jeff Kaplan that Blizzard particularly likes the Mercy x Pharah pairing fans have created.

So many skin tones, so many males, and females, but one LGBT character. This obviously has raised some brows.

Now that Soldier has been confirmed as the second LGBT character, a big step has been made towards diversity. Obviously, there has been a severe backlash in the infamous Overwatch community.

But Blizzard has also received approval and appraisal from fans who wanted to see more LGBT representation.

“My precious boy is LGBT.”, says a Twitter user.

With this announcement, we are going to see some changes in gameplay when it comes to Soldier. I have already come across two people who claimed they will begin to main Soldier now. If used correctly, Soldier 76 can be terrifying in rounds.

There are more expected changes coming to Blizzard’s arguably most popular game.

Personally, I think I’m going to dedicate some more hours to the DPS hero.


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