YouTube Rewind 2018 Is The Worst One Yet


 “I’m impressed. They manage to make it worse every year,”, comments Wimsem – Tekenen & Knutselen a day ago.

If you feel that YouTube Rewind couldn’t have gotten worse, this years rewind comes to prove you wrong. With almost 6 million dislikes in just three days, the dislikes far outweigh the likes; about 1.8 million likes.

As I scrolled through the comments, I saw so much backlash and I even posted a comment of my own.

This year’s theme for YouTube Rewind was “Everyone controls Rewind”, which confused me to no end. Often times, they would trail off from the topic and the topic wasn’t even made clear to me until Liza stated it at the campfire scene.

It featured Fortnite, ASMR, the yodeling kid no one knows the name of, and many other “mainstream” topics. There was even a scene where popular people gave thanks and paid respects to people who affected the world as a whole.

I was dumb to expect more. Last year’s Rewind was disappointing but it seemed a bit fun to be in.

My issue with the overall video is that I have no clue who most of those people are. I’m not familiar with famous YouTubers, and according to many articles and reports, most of these people aren’t even from YouTube.

For example, I recognized Ninja, a famous streamer who became popular because of Fortnite. Highlight the word: Fortnite. Many others who became famous and then LATER created a YouTube channel were highlighted in this video, which I didn’t quite like.

“Who the HELL are these people?!?”, says Phoenix in the comment section of the video.

“This video is absolute trash, I recognize barely any creators,”, adds Razor Productionz.

Others were featured, though, like JaidenAnimations, and other Storytime artists on YouTube, which I liked.

What I didn’t like is how cringy their part was. Jaiden, along with other animators, drew their characters and personas dancing to the In My Feelings challenge. That almost made me message all of these people and ask them why they did that to themselves.

See the source image

I also wanted certain people to be featured. When these popular people began listing off people they should be grateful and proud of, they didn’t mention some serious topics. What of the kids at Parkland?

Markiplier, one of the few YouTubers I watch actively, also only appeared for a few seconds, which ticked me off. He helped out so many people with his fundraisers and he went through so much this year, only for Lele Pons to receive more screen time.

Which brings up another issue with YouTube Rewind. With each one, we seem to see the same people. I remember seeing Liza and Lele in last year’s video.

I see them again in this year’s video, which bores me. I’m not a fan of either, and I heavily despise Lele Pons.

I’m glad James Charles made it this year though, and I’m glad I saw some people I know, but I feel so horrible that they’re now in one of YouTube’s most hated videos. It ruins my image of them.

I like how they mentioned YouTube is becoming more diverse when it comes to Asian populations, but I didn’t see any Hispanic or POC.

The entire video seemed to be made of 90% white people, with the rest being Asian and maybe two black people. It reminds me that Asian ethnicities are being romanticized, while black people remain discriminated against. Neither is good.

I’m glad that the video tried to represent as many people as they could to show that the world and YouTube has become more diverse, but I felt that most of this was more forced than anything.

Many Asian people starred in the film, but they were in situations that made me cock an eyebrow. ASMR scenes, a buffet in Tokyo, K-Pop… I found it a bit offensive, in my opinion, but I cannot say whether it was or not because I’m not Asian.

The music they used throughout the 8 minute torture video was good but I felt so disgusted they used such amazing music in such a terrible video.


A song they used a lot throughout was “I like It” by Cardi B, and I’m not much of a Cardi B fan, as you can tell by a short article I made a while back.

Another song they used was Idol by BTS. I am a big fan of BTS, and Idol is a song they recently released. The moment I heard some mediocre at best YouTuber mention K-Pop, I prepared myself for the cringe. The following scenes were so racist and horribly made I almost emailed YouTube.

Panic! At The Disco’s “High Hopes” was also featured in the video, but it was remixed so horribly I wanted to scream. I am glad it made the video though because ever since it was featured there, I’ve been hearing the song on the radio all the time.

“It really wasn’t that great until I saw Simone. Also 3.7 million dislikes. Showing once again the growing disconnect between those watching and those running things.”, states ShokyReviews.

The video overall was very sloppily made and the effects were messy and just plain ugly. It just shows that YouTube is so disconnected from its users. Hopefully next year won’t be as much of a disappointment.

I saw my friend freaking out about YouTube Rewind yesterday and she was saying how bad it was. I wanted to see for myself, and God I regret it.

It was so bad, worse than last year’s even. At least it gave me something to write about. If people actually asked for these things to be put in this video… I would like to speak to them.


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