Video Game Review: Overwatch

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Yes, I’m a big fan of this game, too. There must be something Blizzard is doing right because me and over 40 million people avidly play this game. For me, this was THE video game; the one that got me into gaming. I’m still not really aware of most popular video games and I’m also too broke to afford $60 games, but I’ll watch game-plays of some games that catch my eye.

I remember first hearing about the game from an ex-girlfriend of mine. She would force me and our group of friends to watch animations of backstories for these characters. I remember falling in love with each character and their backstories, but I soon forgot about the game.

Two years later, I’m sitting around when the video game pops into my head, out of nowhere I may add. I search up game-plays and I decide I MUST have the game. My mother got it for me on Christmas and ever since then, you couldn’t separate me from my Xbox. Now, as I realize it’s National Video Games Day, I decide to write  review for one of my favorite games. Fair warning, this might be released late…. super late.

What is Overwatch?

Overwatch is a team-based first-person shooter game where you can currently choose from a variety of 28 different characters, all equipped with their own special abilities and mechanics. It is currently available on Xbox One, PlayStation, and PC. It takes place in our world but years into the future. An organization known as Overwatch is created to protect the world from terrorist attacks but due to inside corruption and an accident at the command center, the organization melts away. Now, whoever is still alive from Overwatch fights against Talon, an organization dedicated to committing evil deeds, whose leader is a former Overwatch member. Once Talon’s actions become too severe, Winston- a talking gorilla -sends out a signal to all former members of Overwatch and rallies them up.

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Mercy main here. Yes, I know…most girls who play Overwatch mostly play Mercy, but I love her so much! Other characters I highly enjoy playing are Moira, Zenyatta, Zarya, Orisa, Sombra, and Tracer; although I feel most comfortable in the healer section.

That’s besides the point, I just love how each character has unique abilities and their own voice-lines, sprays, skins, emotes, backstories, and so much more! I especially enjoy how some might even interact with each other before the match begins. Each one is uniquely designed, and no, Brigitte does NOT look like Mercy…. well, maybe a little.

I especially enjoy collecting skins for Mercy, my goal is to own everything related to her in the game. I even bought her ‘Pink’ skin, which not only adds to my collection, but supports Breast Cancer Awareness and donates to organizations fighting against breast cancer.

Their abilities are so unique and amazing, it makes it fun to try new characters and to explore the hero roster. My only complaint would be how ridiculously overpowered some characters may feel like. A well-used Doomfist could give you nightmares. I have been stunned out of resurrecting someone way too many times. Not to mention Junkrat is just plain annoying. A useful hack from Sombra can solve all this, though.

If you all would like a more detailed explanation about each character in the game, don’t feel shy and comment below!

By the way, yes I am VERY hurt about the Mercy nerfs. To anyone who doesn’t know what a “nerf” is, it’s when game creators take a characters or characters and weaken them by either taking away old abilities, decreasing the damage they do, or simply changing how they work.

Rating: 9/10


When I saw these backstories for these characters, I expected a dark, depressing first-person shooter, but when I was greeted with flashy characters, bright colors, and happy characters, I felt my jaw drop to the floor. Overwatch adds that difference we all needed in first-person shooters.

Overwatch has several game modes: Assault, Control, Capture The Flag, Deathmatch, Elimination, Escort, and Hybrid.

Assault is when one team must capture two objectives, or small areas. Control is when two teams fight to capture and keep one objective. Capture The Flag is when there is a flag on each side of the map and each team’s duty is to protect their flag and capture the other team’s flag. Deathmatch is a free-for-all, where eight players go against each other and attempt to kill as many as possible. Elimination is a game mode where players each go solo against another player (1v1) or they can fight in teams of three or six. Finally, hybrid is a mix of capturing an objective and proceeding to escort a payload across the map.

There are also regular game modes, such as Quick Play, which includes game modes not under Arcade. Arcade involves more silly games, such as Low Gravity, Mystery Heroes, No limits. You can also create your own games, and it’s simple to do so. Competitive… I’ll speak of that later.

You can find these games in Arcade. Although some are permanently there, some game modes change weekly or daily. The more games you win in Arcade mode, the closer you get to getting a lootbox. A loot box is like a gift for playing; you get one whenever you reach the next level or if you win 9 games in Arcade; the game rewards you one every three games won). In the loot box, you have a chance of getting sprays, voice-lines, skins, emotes, and highlight intros. There is also training mode, where you can choose from playing the tutorial, going into the practice range, or playing against AI (Artificial Intelligence).

I’ll briefly explain each reward. A spray is like a sticker; you can put them on walls and it’s a form of communicating, making friends, or bragging about achievements (I like using my pixel spray a lot when I’m Moira and my cute spray when I’m Zarya). Voice-lines are explained in the name: they’re little lines each characters has voiced specifically for them; ex: “Heroes Never Die!” or “Honor! Justice! Reinhardt! Reinhardt! Reinhardt!”.

Skins are like outfits, each character has their own specifically designed ones. Emotes are actions you can get your characters to act out, such as laughing, dancing, sitting. Finally, highlight intros are for when the game ends. When each match ends, one player is chosen from the group of twelve (well, the number depends on what game mode you’re playing) and they get spotlighted for doing a good job..or sometimes for just pressing Y on their controller…. I’m looking at you, Hanzo.

I also love how the game is now encouraging you to be kind and make friends by using the “Endorsement” system. We can give three people the title of either “Good Teammate”, “Shot Caller”, or “Sportsmanship”. With each vote for a person that isn’t in your group or isn’t your friend, you gain 50 experience points. The more endorsement you receive, the more experience you receive and the higher your endorsement level is. Overwatch has had a bad reputation for having toxic or “salty’ players and I’m glad Jeff Kaplan and the Overwatch team was tried to fix this.

Finally, competitive…. God, I got shivers just saying that. Competitive, or comp, is a game mode similar to Quick Play, but instead of just shrugging it off when you lose or just messing around, comp is serious. Once you complete your ten placement matches, you are given a rating based on your performance and your level in previous competitive seasons. It is a lot worse than it sounds. One small mistake can ruin your whole game and cause your rating, or SR, to drop. Although, when you win, your SR rises and you gain Competitive points, points that are collected to buy the golden versions of weapons. I’m saving up for Mercy’s golden gun and staff!

Unfortunately, all my friends know I am cursed when it comes to competitive. Every time I group up with my friends, we form a party, and we play some comp, we lose. Horribly. No seriously, ask my friend Dayvis.

At first, everyone laughs at me and says I’m just over exaggerating but after six losses, they confirm that I am cursed. I don’t know if I’m just a bad Mercy or if my team sucks, but I have a 25% win rate with Mercy in comp. Mercy is my main! I have over 70 hours played on her! How!?Not to mention the people I am paired with when I play alone are horrible. No one ever protects me and I end up dying over 10 times each round.

My main fear though: team voice chat. I have heard and seen horrors of that. Team voice chat is when you connect with the people playing alongside you in any game mode. People get upset when you pick certain characters, and people who play healers are either treated like gods or like trash. It’s especially worse because I’m young and I’m a girl. Many have encouraged me to never join team chat due to my gender; I might receive some sexist comments and I’m not up for that.

Rating: 8/10


As I previously stated, Overwatch has been known to be a toxic community that attacks its own members. My gamer friend known as “Arcane” has received threats for being way too good at the character Widowmaker. I’ve also seen videos where people treat gamers like garbage because they’ve chosen Lucio, Widowmaker, or even Hanzo; yes, I hate Hanzo but he can be useful at times. Overwatch League players have also received highly serious allegations; a gamer from Texas was charged with pedophilia and another was shown to be highly homophobic. I have also seen women playing get told off and receive death and rape threats from gamers because they’re women.

I remember the first time I was playing I joined the team chat, which is where I met my close friend Riley, but I also came across this other male. He would compliment my skills but then he said something that made me rethink friending him.

“You’re a guy, right? I mean, you can’t be a girl, girls can’t play video games, you’re too good to be a girl”

No matter how many times I told him I was female, he rejected it and claimed I was male.

Although, I have also gotten to know amazing people, as well. I remember clearly this one time I was playing competitive and I came across this Zarya who would protect me at all costs; of course, I returned the favor. They later messaged me thanking me for being a great healer and I almost shed a tear.

I also met my friend Dayvis through Overwatch. I was playing comp alone when he decided to be the only tank in our team. Deciding to take care of him, because he was the only tank AND the only person doing something, we soon grouped up. Days later, he invited me to a party along with four of his friends and we played some comp. His group made me feel so happy, they were complimenting my skills as Mercy; they would thank me profusely for my support and resurrections and would protect me at all costs…. I was a blushing mess.

I also look up to teams with girls in them that treat their girls the same as they would treat the males in their group. Missy Blissy, a female gamer who also mains Mercy, is the only female in a group of six, and all the males highly respect her. I’m glad men like them still exist since I’m often the only female in a group, as well.

I also can mention SuperCon in this. It was around mid-July when SuperCon came to Florida. I went dressed up as Mercy- obviously -and my friend accompanied me. Throughout it all, I felt so special. I would be called out from yards away and people would rush to take photos with me. One group cosplaying as well even invited me to join their group and I felt so special. I even met the voice actress for Mercy, Pharah, and Sombra!

All in all, I want to say although Overwatch has it’s bad people, like everything else, it also has good people.

Rating: 7/10

overwatch game review


Wow, this was awfully long, but I have so much to say about my favorite game ever! The game is so well-rounded and it’s definitely worth the $60. From different game and character options to meeting new people, this game has many perks! If you don’t like a character, you can switch to playing another one without a problem, and if you don’t like certain game modes, you can play arcade or even create your own games. What are you waiting for? Join me and the 40 million people in playing the game!

This was super long, I passed 2000 words! Sorry about that! This was mostly for fun and I was super relaxed while writing this up.

If any of you readers ever want to play and have an Xbox, my gamertag is IIIPersephone (those lines are lowercase L’s).

Bye, everyone and Happy (late) National Video Games Day!


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