Baptiste: Overwatch’s New Addition

Blizzard, keeping to their tradition, has added another character after seemingly no time at all. It seems only a few weeks ago that Ashe was added.

Every three months, Blizzard adds a character to one of their most popular games: Overwatch. With Baptiste, the hero roster has increased to 30 characters in total.

With the addition of the new “Paris” map, Baptiste is a sign that Blizzard is trying to spice up their game. Jeff Kaplan, the founder of Overwatch, has even stated that there are more than eight characters in the making, and so far two have been released.

PC gamers already have access to the new character, leaving console gamers in the dust. It is still unaware when they will have access to the character.

Thankfully, many PC gamers have blessed console gamers by releasing review videos on YouTube.

Baptiste is a new addition to the support roster in the game, becoming the 7th or 8th healer of the game, and originating from Haiti.

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His backstory is intriguing, hopping from leading a selfish life to helping others. Before, Baptiste lived and did what he had to do to survive, but now he is dedicated himself to helping others.

Equipped with “exo boots”, Baptiste can execute insane heights if the player crouches and releases.

The hero has two shooting-types, similar to how heroes such as Zarya have primary and secondary fires. One of his fires shoots healing bullets, similar to Ana, at his allies.

From the many videos I have seen of people trying out his character, not only is his damage output very effective, but his reload time is almost nothing, accompanied by a decent sized round in his gun. I’m afraid this might see a nerf in later times.

“The biotic launcher [his weapon] has two firing modes. The left click shoots a three-round burst that damages the enemies,”, starts famous YouTuber AndrewJRT, further mentioning how it’s nostalgic to Halo.

“The right click launches these little floppers that heal your allies that are near it’s point of impact.”, he finishes.

Next is his ability “regenerative burst”, which is another healing ability he has, although it is not exactly a “burst” per se. When activated, the player heals themself and allies around them over time. Personally, I find this ability a bit too weak when it comes to healing but his secondary fire of healing projectiles do a lot of healing so perhaps it balances out.

Then comes an ability that is probably the reason why so many are going wild over Baptiste. This ability is called “immortality field”, where Baptiste puts down a device that levitates in the air, and allies inside that field are virtually immortal until the ability wears down.

The person inside the field can reach up to 40 health, and from there not take any more damage. This can not only save teammates from sudden ultimates, but it can also provide a sliver of time for healing if your team is looking bad.

The thing about this ability is that, like Sombra’s translocations, the device is destructible, so if the enemy team destroys the device, you and your team are vulnerable.

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Like I previously mentioned, the exo boots have virtually no cool down and allow the player to reach heights others might not.

Finally is his ultimate, the “amplification matrix”. Similar to Ana’s “nano dart” and Mercy’s “damage stream”, the amplification matrix powers up the damage allies produce, along with the healing they also produce.

“The abilities are just seriously awesome,”, says “Weagel” from Your Overwatch, a YouTube channel dedicated to Overwatch news.

My main concern is yes, these abilities are very powerful, but the cooldowns on these abilities are a bit too harsh. Perhaps nerfing his abilities but reducing the cooldowns would be a better option for a character like him, who relies on his abilities.


Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse

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Like any other Marvel fan, watching Into The Spiderverse was a must for me. Being one of the few movies to be rated 100% rotated tomatoes, I expected a lot from the movie and I was certainly not disappointed.

Into the Spiderverse follows Miles Morales, an Afro-Latin just trying to get by in the big bad city of Brooklyn. One incident leads to another and Miles becomes the new Spiderman, replacing Peter Parker.

To start off, I honestly was not expecting Into The Spiderverse to be an animated film. I walked and saw the first scene and I was confused. I have not seen any content of the movie at all in any social media platforms; I have been avoiding content to avoid spoilers.

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But the animation gave the movie the sort of spunk that a regular film wouldn’t have been able to give it. It provided wacky effects, and it just overall allowed for a funner to watch movie.

Another thing I didn’t expect that the types of Spiderpeople the viewer met. I assumed that the movie would be based on different dimensions coming together, based on the name, but the characters provided shocked me. Of course I knew Spider-Gwen, but the others weren’t familiar to me.

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I was shocked to see Peni Parker and Peter Porker. Spiderman Noir was a favorite of mine due to my interest with the mafia and the overall aesthetic of the mid 1900’s. Gwen was also a favorite but the Spiderman that truly took my heart was Peter B. Parker.

Not only is Peter B. Parker an overall good guy, he’s funny, he’s smart, he’s analytical, and he’s super relatable. The movie was littered with Gen-Z and millenial humor, which made me feel like I was watching a Deadpool movie.

The movie also had some scenes that almost made me shed tears. When Peter Parker– the original one –dies by the hands of KingPin and Miles is forced to watch it all, my eyes welled up. My absolute favorite scene was when Peter B. Parker was sent back to his dimension. My eyes watered in that scene too.

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Although, like any other Marvel movie, the movie was quite long. Two hours to be exact. I didn’t see the post-credit scene, though, and I am highly disappointed. This was a quaint little review but I just have to say that this movie was overall so adorable and I won’t stop talking about it for days now.

Top 10 Female Game Characters

In today’s society, toxic masculinity is a somewhat plague many women experience today, especially in the gaming community.

Even though women make up 49% of the gaming community, many still face discrimination among the men of the gaming community.

Being told they are fake fans to being told to “go back to the kitchen”, that’s just a taste of what women might experience in this “family”.

I myself have experience some toxicity in the community. I was called offensive slurs while gaming one time and that will forever be stuck in my mind.

With all this toxicity, the gaming community can get suffocating. We women need some sort of representation in this world of terror.

With the rise of feminist ideals and equality, women have received more role models in games and other sources.

This article lists the top 10 female game characters, in no particular order, and according to my opinion.

Starting my list off is Clementine, from The Walking Dead. The Walking Dead follows a version of the world where zombies have taken over and everyone must fend for themselves.

In the first game, Clementine is an eight-year-old girl found by the player. At the end of the game, though, the player dies and Clementine takes over and becomes a playable character. We then play the rest of the series through her eyes.

Clementine is arguably one of the best female characters because at only eight years old, she is looked upon by her group members to do tasks others won’t dare to do. She holds a leadership position in her group, and keeps her group together through the toughest times.

She, at such a young age, is surrounded by death, battles, disease, and so many more troubling issues. By going through these issues, she shows us her strength and her bravery, along with her resilience.

She is certainly a character many little girls can look up to.

Next is Max, from the video game Life is Strange. Life is Strange follows the life of college student Max, who finds out she has the power to control time.

The options the player chooses in the game are irreversible and have a butterfly effect, leading Max in twists and turns. She faces life, death, and has to deal with having the world at her hands.

She spends the entire length of the video game protecting her best friend Chloe, doing anything to save her from disasters, even going far enough to reverse time.

She faces corruption at her college campus, and inner battles with her friends, her enemies, and herself.

Her capability to handle the immensely powerful ability she has is jaw-dropping. Not to mention the love and care she holds for her dear friend Chloe is inspiring and it makes hearts go soft at their relationship.

Third on the list is Sam from Until Dawn. Until Dawn is a horror game, where eight young adults are stuck in the woods, desperately attempting to escape the hands of a vicious, ruthless character.

Characters in the game describe Sam as a vegan, a pacifist, cool and spunky, and so many other nice traits. She has strict morals and ethics, but she isn’t afraid at being herself, which is already admirable in itself.

She is diligent, considerate, and adventurous, all perfect traits for the perfect female heroine in video games. Not only that, but she is also very beautiful, which ties the knot on the gift box. She cares deeply about her friends and hates fighting, but will defend her friends until her last breath, which will come in handy when running away from the killer in the woods.

While stuck in the woods, being hunted by a psychotic killer, Sam is put into horrid, embarrassing situations that others would rather kill than be put in. She stays calm and level-headed throughout the whole ordeal, which is a trait needed in such a dangerous situation.

More importantly, even though she has all these good traits, she is still human. Ever since her two best friends Hannah and Beth disappeared, she has blamed herself for their deaths and has felt guilty ever since. Her never-changing positive attitude and her optimistic outlook on surviving against the killer would make anyone fall in love with her.

Then comes Parasoul, from Skullgirls. Skullgirls is a fighter-style type game, where players can collect fighters and moves from boxes the game gifts then every few hours.

Parasoul is one of the playable characters in the game. Her original look includes red hair and lipstick, a black dress, and her ironic black parasol.

Parasoul is the daughter of the previous Skullgirl, a woman turned evil by her selfish wants and desires. Having to go against her own mother and take her down, Parasoul has severe luggage treading behind her.

Even so, she holds extreme power in the Skullgirls world, especially in the mafia and several gangs.

Her character itself is overall an extremely powerful and useful character. She is not only fun to play but she is useful in battles. I definitely recommend giving her character a try, if you’re lucky enough to win her in a box.

Our fifth female character is Senua, from Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. Hellblade follows Senua, a woman that suffers from extreme schizophrenia and other mental illnesses. The story is held in BC times, where Norwegian tribes thrived, along with the beliefs of Greek, Roman, and Scandinavian gods.

The game overall is horrifying, and the aura is spine-chilling. Senua goes on a dangerous adventure to save her husband’s soul from the Underworld. The game is made up of exploration, puzzle solving, and battles.

The thing is: if you die one too many times, the game will reset. Senua was cursed with a disease that, with the more times the player dies, the more the disease spreads.

As she fights against minions and vicious monsters sent by gods trying to keep her from achieving her goal, she faces doubts, schizophrenic episodes, hallucinations, and other factors. The game’s purpose isn’t to show her adventure in saving her husband, it shows a woman’s struggle with mental illnesses.

It’s best you play the game with headphones on. The creepy aura best stands out that way.

Next comes Sadie Adler, a character from Red Dead Redemption 2. Red Dead Redemption 2 follows Arthur Morgan and his crew trying to live their in the Wild West as life develops around them, while trying to fight and strive against her enemies, the O’Driscolls.

Sadie Adler is one of the many poor victims of the O’Driscolls. She is found by Arthur Morgan and others in the first Chapter of the video game after the enemy gang killed her husband and burned her house down.

The Van der Linde gang take her in as their own and she sticks by the women in the gang. The player at first may think she’s just a one-off character, a person that will not matter in the end, she makes a comeback. A strong one.

She becomes part of the gang and makes her mark in the group. She even saddles up and helps Arthur and the boys in their missions, such as robbing trains or other factors.

She has to deal with the death of her husband in a world where toxic masculinity was at its finest. Believed to be a sad, pitiful character, Adler rises up and proves all stereotypes wrong.

Then comes Aveline de Grandpré from the famous, or more infamous game, Assassin’s Creed: Liberation.

Liberation is known amongst the gaming community as a flop. Many who wasted their money on the game were disappointed by the overall outcome of it.

Although there was one good side to the game, and that was Grandpré.

The game takes place around the 1700’s, following the main character in a battle of censorship and hackers. As the player goes on, secrets are uncovered and the story unwinds.

Aveline fits so well into the story, I would arguably say that she is the best thing the game has to offer. She is a black woman with a seductive French accent living her own life, not letting any white man tell her what to do or how to act.

She frees imprisoned slaves and fights alongside the player, even when the game attempts to portray the assassins in a bad light.

She provides the light the game didn’t offer to many gamers who decided to pick the game up.

Our eight best female video game character is Chun-li, from the iconic game Street Fighter. The game, similar to Skullgirls, is a fighter style game released in the late 1980s. She made her first appearance though, in Street Fighter: The World Warrior in 1991.

She is iconic in so many ways. Not only is she astonishing, beautiful, and overall pleasing to look at, but she was the first ever female to be featured in a game of her type.

She falls under the category “Lawful good”. She is a serious character, with a duty to protect others while following the law. She is Chinese and she is proud of her culture, as shown by her outfit, although it has been modified and somewhat sexualized.

She is strongly dedicated in protecting the innocent and her bravery and loyalty even rivals her fathers.

What makes her even better is that she’s human, just like all her fans. Often times, her emotions get the best of her, even though she swears they won’t.

Not all people are perfect, and she is proof of this fact.

Next comes Bayonetta, from the video game by the same name. Bayonetta is a hack and slash video game, similar to Devil May Cry. The goal is to defeat enemies with amazing powers and abilities from Bayonetta, the main character.

Although Bayonetta suffers from extreme oversexualization, that doesn’t disqualify her form falling into the top 10 list. She has amazing powers and abilities, including magical hair that summons minions to do their bidding. That’s already cool in itself.

Bayonetta awakes from a 500 year slumber and must go through the game rediscovering herself and finding out what induced her long slumber.

A powerful female character, she must also take care of a younger, somewhat mini version of herself.

While putting her story together, she forms bonds with other characters, such as Enzo.

Bayonetta is a perfect example that women could dress however they want and still be treated with respect, and that is a message today’s society desperately needs.

Finally, Princess Zelda, an iconic character from the iconic video game, Legend of Zelda. Legend of Zelda is an action adventure video game that is praised and adored in the video game franchise.

Princess Zelda is one of the main characters of the game, but she holds deep importance. Why else would the game be named after her? While the game follows Link, some of his missions may include saving Princess Zelda from imminent danger or problems she’s put herself into.

The game attempts to portray her as a a damsel in distress, but many can see she is far from that. She goes on dangerous missions in several disguises to help her people and others.

She is kind, benevolent, and is wise beyond measure. She is selfless and will hold up her responsibilities above herself and her life. She is even forgiving, as shown when she forgives her enemies for inflicting harm on her.

No wonder so many people love her. Not only does she come from an iconic background, but she is a character that is worth looking up to herself.

In today’s day and age, video games are a popular hobby, and many young girls are picking up this hobby. It’s nice to see so many female characters that girls can play and look up to at the same time.

More Representation in Overwatch

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Before 2019, the only confirmed LGBT character in Overwatch was Lena Oxton, more known as her hero name: Tracer.

Now, just a few days ago, another character has been confirmed homosexual.

Jack Morrison, or Soldier 76, was confirmed gay by Blizzard.

In a released video for a mini-event dedicated to healer Ana, it is shown that Soldier 76 has kept a photo of him and a man named Vincent.

The dialogue in a released script between the two former Overwatch members proves that Soldier held, and still holds, deep feelings for a man named Vincent.

The video also reveals that Vincent has moved on from Soldier, and has even married.

The community does not know who this “Vincent” character is, but many speculate he might be a new addition to the hero roster in the video game.

There are several rumors that Hero 30 is far into the process of being made, with models already being created for the character. It is quite possible this mentioned Hero is Vincent.

Hero 29, Ashe, was released about a month ago, so perhaps the new hero will be revealed in about two months. If the production of the hero is going this quickly, it is highly possible that they will be released along with the Lunar event.

Overwatch has always been known to have an extremely diverse hero roster. Blizzard’s goal is to create a character to represent different ethnicities, sexualities, genders, and so on.

We see characters from monkeys to evil scientists to omnic monks, but we have only seen one LGBT character.

This has caused some controversy within the community.

Although fans had theories on certain characters being LGBT, Blizzard never truly confirmed anything, besides one time in a Q&A where Jeff Kaplan that Blizzard particularly likes the Mercy x Pharah pairing fans have created.

So many skin tones, so many males, and females, but one LGBT character. This obviously has raised some brows.

Now that Soldier has been confirmed as the second LGBT character, a big step has been made towards diversity. Obviously, there has been a severe backlash in the infamous Overwatch community.

But Blizzard has also received approval and appraisal from fans who wanted to see more LGBT representation.

“My precious boy is LGBT.”, says a Twitter user.

With this announcement, we are going to see some changes in gameplay when it comes to Soldier. I have already come across two people who claimed they will begin to main Soldier now. If used correctly, Soldier 76 can be terrifying in rounds.

There are more expected changes coming to Blizzard’s arguably most popular game.

Personally, I think I’m going to dedicate some more hours to the DPS hero.

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

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Warning: Possible Spoilers

A movie with a shocking twist, Black Mirror Bandersnatch quickly became one of the most seen movies on Netflix, along with becoming the talk of many social media platforms. Trumping Bird Box, even, many were shocked at the functions and overall look of the movie.

The movie is based off the theory created by Jerome F. Davies, where you as a human being are not in control of your life or your choices, someone else is. The tragic author writes a book based on his theory, along with talking about hallucinations and symbols he has seen, before killing his wife.

The movie is also based on “a planned Imagine Software video game of the same name which went unreleased after the company filed for bankruptcy”, according to Wikipedia.

The movie follows Stefan Butler, played by Fionn Whitehead, a young video game programmer in the 1980’s. He’s a big fan of Jerome F. Davie’s and Colin Ritman’s– played by Will Poulter –work. After reading the large boook titled “Bandersnatch”, Stefan deides to make a game version of it.

Stefan agrees to make the game for the big company “Image Software”, but as the deadline nears him, he starts feeling out of control of his actions. The thing is: he is not in control. The watcher is.

We decide what he listens to, what he eats for breakfast, and these small things eventually turn into bigger, more important decisions. The movie is like a video game, where the screen presents you with two options. You have ten seconds to choose what you want before the movie automatically chooses for you.

With each choice, you get taken down a different road and lead to a different ending. According to the executive producers of the matserpiece, Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones, there are around 10 to 12 endings. You can reach some in 40 miutes, while others might take about 2.5 hours to reach.

As each ending unravels, Stefan and the watcher wonder if they should really trust his therapist Dr. Hayes (Alice Lowe) and his father (Craig Parkinson). Organizations such as P.A.C.S are introduced, along with theories and drugs. It’s almost overwhelming.

I am unaware how many endings I was able to unlock. What I am aware of is that my mother and I sat on the couch, flabergasted for a solid two hurs tapping away at the control.

At the beginning, I believed it was Stefan who had the ability to go back in time and reset everything due to a choice I made. I’m assuming that one ending I got was that Stefan released the video game, only for it to be a flop.

The other ending I got, though, took a longer time to reach. It concluded with Stefan killing his “father” and ending up in jail, only for his video game to receive another bad review. His entire route was so complex and confusing, it took me some time to absorb everything being thrown at me.

Stefan struggles with his mental health as he works on the video game, and he questions his existence as he becomes aware that someone is controlling him.

In a scene as he is working on his computer and almost lashes out at it, he questions aloud of anyone is there. You can either decide to tell him Netflix is controlling him or that a organization known as P.A.C.S is watching him.

If you choose Netflix, which I did at first, he visits Dr. Hayes (if you want him to) and explains this. While at the psychiatric visit, the scene suddenly changes into a film set scene, where Stefan is an actor in an action film.

If you choose P.A.C.S, which I ended up doing after some time, Stefan finds out he is an experiment by the government and that his father is not his real father. He ends up killing his “father”.

Another scene that caught my attention was when Stefan ran to Colin instead of visiting Dr. Hayes. In Colin’s home, the white haired male reveals that he also knows of the feeling of not being in control. He also reveals things such as P.A.C.S, your parents not being your real parents.

At the end of the scene, Colin takes Stefan outside to his balconey. He says that one of them will throw themselves off the balconey. I chose Colin, because I assumed choosing Stefan would be an automatic end to the film. Colin jumped.

The overall shock of the scene left me amazed that Colin actually killed himself, convinced that he would still exist in anothr parallel universe.

Colin’s blabber while high connects to several theories of multiple timelines, universes, and dimensions, wherw we might exist here but we also exist in a different version of the universe.

The film was overall better than I was prepared for. When my mother and I chose that movie to watch, I was expecting a sci-fi movie, but when I was presented a small tutorial of the movie I was left in shock, screaming for my mother to see. I wasn’t expecting such a psychological thriller to be shown on the screen.

You get the aura of the 1980’s, and that time’s clothing style and accessories and music fall under my aesthetic, so the movie was very pleasing to my eyes and ears. The actors ans effects were absolutely amaizng. Every time Stefan had a meltdown due to stress, the screen darkened, and you could even feel the intense emotions and feelings he was going through.

Overall, the film was food for the mind, leading it on several twists and turns, and showing the viewer what the perspective of a higher being is like.

She-Ra: Princess of Equality

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She-Ra: Princess of Power has become one of the most popular cartoons in America in about a month. With only one season, but so many reasons to love it, the fan base is huge and many people adore it for a good reason.

She-Ra: Princess of Power is a reboot to a show in the 1980s by the same title. The show follows the adventures of a girl named Adora, as she rebels against an evil organization named the Horde and their leader, Hordak.

We have seen many shows have their own reboots, to the point that it has become somewhat common to see reboots. For example, the finished series Voltron: Legendary Defenders is a reboot of a show by the same name.

I have not seen the original She-Ra, so I can’t say whether the two are similar or not, but what I can say is that this American cartoon is one of the most hard-hitting, LGBT and racially inclusive shows I’ve seen in a while.

The only season the show has is made up of 13 episodes, each one about 24 minutes long, including the opening theme song.

While binge-watching the cute series, it was obvious who the target audience was: little kids. It was quite funny for me, a 15 year old, to watch it and enjoy it, too. This show targets children, but it also carries a message of acceptance other shows might not.

While watching the show, the viewer is introduced to a diverse cast of females, and some men, which is a breath of fresh air. I personally was tired of seeing heroes instead of heroines, and I was also fed up with men having to save the damsel in distress.

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These females also vary in skin color, superpowers, sexualities, and so on. Mermista, a princess with the ability to control water, has a romantic relationship with a sea captain named Sea Hawk.

Scorpia, a princess who decided to side with the Horde, shows signs of being a butch lesbian. She shows extreme interest in Adora’s ex-best friend and now rival, Catra.

Glimmer, Adora’s now best friend, is also part of the LGBT community, according to many theorists.

Bow, a person of color with no magical abilities who is also friends with Adora and Glimmer, gives off a “bisexual aura”, according to many. He shows a deep adoration towards Sea Hawk but also attends the Princess Ball with Perfuma, a princess with the power over nature.

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The show tries its best to represent the LGBT community and it also includes many POC in its episodes. Although it is still a kid show, as one can tell by the wackiness of some characters; scenes; and episodes, it touches on subjects that many other shows might not.

I feel that symbolism is a big deal when it comes to this show.

When Adora finds the sword she uses to transform, I feel that it symbolizes becoming a new person and shaping yourself after escaping from a toxic household. It might also symbolize the sort of rebirth or rediscovery a member of the LGBT community goes through when they find out what their true sexuality is.

The series also touches on the struggles of having a family member missing from your life. We don’t like what happened to Adora’s parents, but we do see the effects Shadow Weaver had on Adora and Catra. Glimmer, whose father died in battle, struggles to have a good relationship with her mother, possibly due to how the death affected both of them.

A character that caught my interest was Princess Frosta, a very powerful princess with the ability to control ice. She is only about 12 years old, but she is so cold-hearted, at least until the end of the show.

She is tasked to care for her kingdom, and she had to fight for many to respect her, which might’ve caused her heart to freeze over. I was left wondering where her parents were, or if they raised her to be cold-hearted and strict, as she was portrayed.

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Throughout the show, you see the tension and the conflict rise and shake between Catra and Adora. Many see them as a couple, but I see them as siblings.

Siblings who grew up in an abusive household.

The show hints that the Horde was an abusive home for the two, and you can see the effects a toxic household might have on different people. While Adora rose above it, rebelled, left the home, and found better people who helped her flourish, Catra was left to suffer.

An episode that caught my attention was Episode 7, “In The Shadows of Mystacor”. The episode follows Adora and her paranoia and fear of Shadow Weaver stalking the trio and coming after her to hurt her and her friends. If you pay close attention, you can see that this is how many victims of abuse behave after they escape.

Once victims of domestic abuse, or abuse in general, are able to escape the toxic situations, they are plagued by paranoia. They fear that the person will come back to take them away or ruin their lives again. Many abusers tend to threaten victims by threatening to find them, hurt their loved ones, or other horrid things.

Adora shows signs of having PTSD from living in the confines of the Horde, under Shadow Weaver’s abusive parenting. She sees “shadows” of the sorceress, which may hint at abuse victims having hallucinations and panic attacks at the memory of their abuser. She can’t refer to Shadow Weaver as a mother, she calls her a “commanding officer” in the same episode.

A line that convinced me that this was the symbolism behind the episode was a line said by Bow.

“Sounds like this Shadow Weaver really did a number on you growing up. But you’re okay now. You got away from her.”

Those words said by the bisexual person of color were the ones that made me realize that Adora wasn’t just running from evil, she was running from an abusive household.

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There is another episode that further pushes this theory. An episode highlighting Catra, Scorpia, and Entrapta’s plan to harm the Rebellion.

In Episode 12, “Light Hope”, Shadow Weaver throws a fit in anger after Hordak entrusts Catra with the experiment on the Black Garnet instead of her. Catra and she have a small battle, but the words Catra says to her struck me in my heart. It really shows the effect an abusive parent can have on a child.

While Shadow Weaver insults Catra, calls her a disappointment, and other hurtful things, Catra skillfully doges all her throws and magic spells. In my eyes, this is very saddening. Catra is so used to being physically abused by Shadow Weaver that she had learned how to dodge her and fight back.

“How to predict when you’ll strike. How to dodge, how to resist.”, says Catra. “You thought you were punishing me all these years? Wrong.”

“You were training me for this day!”, she finishes as she destroys Shadow Weaver’s power source, which is located on her forehead.

After years of withstanding all that abuse, physical and emotional, Catra finally fights back and wins.

We see how a family is torn apart due to a toxic family member. How Catra feels second best due to Adora being treated better than her. We see how they care for each other, but jealousy and habits that Catra picked up from Shadow Weaver destroy any hopes of reconciling.

Although the show does have its flaws, just like any other show, I feel that this series did Dreamworks justice after the company became infamous for queerbaiting in their reboot of Voltron. With a beautiful art style, amazing symbolism, and flawed characters, the show is fun but relatable, which is probably why any of all ages sat down to enjoy it.

Hopefully, a second season comes out soon.

I just want readers to know that this is entirely a theory of mine. I have read up on toxic households and abusive relationships and I saw some signs of that in the show and in the main characters, Adora and Catra. If you disagree, that is totally fine.

I’ll probably release a review on the final season of Voltron. Thank you for reading!

YouTube Rewind 2018 Is The Worst One Yet


 “I’m impressed. They manage to make it worse every year,”, comments Wimsem – Tekenen & Knutselen a day ago.

If you feel that YouTube Rewind couldn’t have gotten worse, this years rewind comes to prove you wrong. With almost 6 million dislikes in just three days, the dislikes far outweigh the likes; about 1.8 million likes.

As I scrolled through the comments, I saw so much backlash and I even posted a comment of my own.

This year’s theme for YouTube Rewind was “Everyone controls Rewind”, which confused me to no end. Often times, they would trail off from the topic and the topic wasn’t even made clear to me until Liza stated it at the campfire scene.

It featured Fortnite, ASMR, the yodeling kid no one knows the name of, and many other “mainstream” topics. There was even a scene where popular people gave thanks and paid respects to people who affected the world as a whole.

I was dumb to expect more. Last year’s Rewind was disappointing but it seemed a bit fun to be in.

My issue with the overall video is that I have no clue who most of those people are. I’m not familiar with famous YouTubers, and according to many articles and reports, most of these people aren’t even from YouTube.

For example, I recognized Ninja, a famous streamer who became popular because of Fortnite. Highlight the word: Fortnite. Many others who became famous and then LATER created a YouTube channel were highlighted in this video, which I didn’t quite like.

“Who the HELL are these people?!?”, says Phoenix in the comment section of the video.

“This video is absolute trash, I recognize barely any creators,”, adds Razor Productionz.

Others were featured, though, like JaidenAnimations, and other Storytime artists on YouTube, which I liked.

What I didn’t like is how cringy their part was. Jaiden, along with other animators, drew their characters and personas dancing to the In My Feelings challenge. That almost made me message all of these people and ask them why they did that to themselves.

See the source image

I also wanted certain people to be featured. When these popular people began listing off people they should be grateful and proud of, they didn’t mention some serious topics. What of the kids at Parkland?

Markiplier, one of the few YouTubers I watch actively, also only appeared for a few seconds, which ticked me off. He helped out so many people with his fundraisers and he went through so much this year, only for Lele Pons to receive more screen time.

Which brings up another issue with YouTube Rewind. With each one, we seem to see the same people. I remember seeing Liza and Lele in last year’s video.

I see them again in this year’s video, which bores me. I’m not a fan of either, and I heavily despise Lele Pons.

I’m glad James Charles made it this year though, and I’m glad I saw some people I know, but I feel so horrible that they’re now in one of YouTube’s most hated videos. It ruins my image of them.

I like how they mentioned YouTube is becoming more diverse when it comes to Asian populations, but I didn’t see any Hispanic or POC.

The entire video seemed to be made of 90% white people, with the rest being Asian and maybe two black people. It reminds me that Asian ethnicities are being romanticized, while black people remain discriminated against. Neither is good.

I’m glad that the video tried to represent as many people as they could to show that the world and YouTube has become more diverse, but I felt that most of this was more forced than anything.

Many Asian people starred in the film, but they were in situations that made me cock an eyebrow. ASMR scenes, a buffet in Tokyo, K-Pop… I found it a bit offensive, in my opinion, but I cannot say whether it was or not because I’m not Asian.

The music they used throughout the 8 minute torture video was good but I felt so disgusted they used such amazing music in such a terrible video.


A song they used a lot throughout was “I like It” by Cardi B, and I’m not much of a Cardi B fan, as you can tell by a short article I made a while back.

Another song they used was Idol by BTS. I am a big fan of BTS, and Idol is a song they recently released. The moment I heard some mediocre at best YouTuber mention K-Pop, I prepared myself for the cringe. The following scenes were so racist and horribly made I almost emailed YouTube.

Panic! At The Disco’s “High Hopes” was also featured in the video, but it was remixed so horribly I wanted to scream. I am glad it made the video though because ever since it was featured there, I’ve been hearing the song on the radio all the time.

“It really wasn’t that great until I saw Simone. Also 3.7 million dislikes. Showing once again the growing disconnect between those watching and those running things.”, states ShokyReviews.

The video overall was very sloppily made and the effects were messy and just plain ugly. It just shows that YouTube is so disconnected from its users. Hopefully next year won’t be as much of a disappointment.

I saw my friend freaking out about YouTube Rewind yesterday and she was saying how bad it was. I wanted to see for myself, and God I regret it.

It was so bad, worse than last year’s even. At least it gave me something to write about. If people actually asked for these things to be put in this video… I would like to speak to them.

Who Wants To Live Forever?

Movie Review: Bohemian Rhapsody

On Saturday night, my friend and I decided to go watch the popular movie “Bohemian Rhapsody”. I have heard a lot of talk about this movie, especially from my friends.

My friend had seen the movie the day it came out and he confessed the movie made him cry at certain points. The moment he revealed this, I felt inclined to watch the movie. I just didn’t know what to expect.

I have always been a fan of Queen, and I knew about Freddie Mercury’s sexuality, but I wasn’t aware of anything else. Even so, I went in blindly, and came out blind, too. Although, I was blind because of my tears. The movie made me cry, too.

Not only was the movie so well-made, but the actors were also amazing, and the music was stupendous. They used the perfect songs at the perfect times. The songs either helped you feel on top of the world or they increased your feelings of sadness.

Scenes in the movie touched my heart and squeezed it. I didn’t know if it was because of Rami Malek’s perfect acting or if I related to the scenes just a tad bit too much.

The movie follows the life of Farrokh Bulsara, also known as Freddie Mercury, and how he met his band mates and formed Queen.

The movie is extremely accurate when it comes to his early life. They mention details from his parents’ nationality to him taking piano lessons, being Zoroastrian, to having four supernumerary incisors. They even touch on the subject of Mercury being sent to a prestigious private school in order to be “corrected”.

When his ex-wife Mary Austin and her family come to visit him, his parents explain how they fled to England when Freddie was 17 due to safety concerns caused by the Zanzibar revolution. This statement is entirely true.

The movie shows Freddie being involved in Liverpool, but it didn’t mention all of his previous efforts to form a band. Although, the movie does start off with showing the audience his job at Heathrow airport. Also, the movie shows scenes of Mercury visiting his soon to be ex-wife at her job, Kensington Market, but it never mentioned how he worked for the organization for a while.

Throughout the movie, “Bohemian Rhapsody” shows Mercury’s relationship with his bandmates. They often fought and argued over songs, and many issues were often caused by Mercury’s own reckless behavior. In the end, though, they always seemed to pull through. The movie also touches on Freddie Mercury’s attempt at shooting off with a solo career; with little success and a lot of stress.

The movie also highlights Queen’s evolution along with the music genres and the decades. The band was known to involve a diverse amount of genres; from rock and roll to opera, to even disco, they covered everything.

The lyrics of their songs are complex, and this is portrayed in the scene when their music director claimed no one would like the song Bohemian Rhapsody due to it being “nonsense.”

Many live performances were also shown in the movie. As one can tell by even looking for a second, Mercury was flamboyant and dramatic, and he wanted everyone to know. His extravagant and extra performances seduced and convinced the audience to dance and sing along, something you could see in the film.

Not only does the movie focus on his issues with his bandmates, but it also highlights his internal and external issues. The film has scenes where Mercury struggles with his sexuality and turns to drugs, gay bars, and other toxic solutions. It focuses on his toxic relationship with a former coworker.

The scene where Mary reveals she knows about Mercury’s sexuality caused me to start to cry. The scene was so powerful, raw, and so emotional. It shows that although Mercury didn’t love her romantically, he still wanted her in his life. She was his one true friend.

The most powerful scene to me, in my opinion, was when Mercury confessed to his bandmates about the virus he has contracted. Around the last quarter of the movie, at the end of a practice session, he stops the three bandmates. He then proceeds to tell them he doesn’t have much time left.

The scene was so powerful and emotional and so well made. The actors’ tears made me weep with them. That same scene reminded me that members of the LGBT community still suffer from this incurable virus. A virus that weakens them and makes them susceptible to other illnesses.

Another scene that truly grabbed my heart and crushed it was when Freddie began playing the piano at the Live Aid performance. At first, he was hesitant, but after some seconds, the keys flowed and played the melody. You could see the passion and admiration in Brian May’s (played by Gwilym Lee) eyes and face. His eyes teared up and played so freely on his guitar.

You could see it. You could see that Mercury missed being on stage. You could see he belonged on that stage. It made me cry, tears running down my face, even.

Overall, the movie was stupendous. The movie was a constant reminder at the back of my mind that the LGBT community still faces discrimination. There are still some people hiding in fear, ashamed of who they are. There are still people out there who use unhealthy coping mechanisms to ignore their emotional issues.

Not only was the movie a memorial to the amazing British singer-songwriter, but it was also a memorial for any members of the LGBT community that might’ve died alone; it was a memorial for members of the LGBT community who died of disease(s) brought upon them by AIDS/HIV.

When I’m dead, I want to be remembered as a musician of some worth and substance.”

This movie made me cry so many times. As a member of the LGBT community, I often found myself relating to Freddie. Freddie wasn’t a perfect man, and we all know this, but his music made him seem perfect. We couldn’t see that he was dying. We couldn’t see his pain. Still, even today, in 2018, he will always be loved by everyone.

Thank you for reading, everyone!

Series Review: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Similar to my book review for Simon vs The Homo Sapiens agenda, I am going to review another popular topic. Instead of a book, this time I am going to talk to you all about the newest Netflix Original series: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

The front cover of the series: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

I first came across this series when I was scrolling through Netflix. It didn’t quite catch my eye at the time. It was Halloween and I was looking for a scare, and the show didn’t seem frightening at all. 

Later on, I heard some friends chatting about it. This was some weeks after I first saw the show. I explained how I haven’t watched the show and that it seemed a bit distasteful.

I was a bit afraid to watch the show, since I found out the same people who created Riverdale created this show. I didn’t quite enjoy Riverdale, I found it boring, cliche, and a bit badly-made, so I hoped this show didn’t suffer from that, as well. 

The moment my friend mentioned there might be a closeted transgender in the show, I was intrigued. 

This is something that I quite enjoy about the show. It is unafraid to touch on topics we might not quite enjoy, such as sexuality. Ambrose Spellman, Sabrina Spellman’s cousin, is openly gay. I will touch more on this subject later. 

The show follows a girl named Sabrina Spellman, who attends Baxter High, but she is no regular girl. She was born to a mortal mother and a warlock father, but due to a tragic accident, she is left to live with her aunties– Hilda and Zelda –and her cousin, Ambrose. It is later hinted that her parents’ deaths wasn’t as much as an accident as many have claimed.

She mostly lives a normal life, attends school with her two best friends, and even has a boyfriend named Harvey Kinkle. She has a familiar named Salem who she called upon to have a mutual bond with; he helps her and she helps him. 

Although, on her sixteenth birthday she must choose whether or not to either keep her human life or turn into a full witch and attend the Academy of Unseen Arts and follow in her father’s footsteps.

After some issues with the ceremony, she stays as a half-human half-witch on the condition that she must attend the Academy of Unseen Arts during her free time.

Back to the topic of “forbidden topics”, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is the first show I have ever seen to ever have characters such as the ones they have. Like I previously stated, Ambrose is an openly gay warlock who has a big thing for another warlock named Luke. 

Meanwhile, Susie Putnam is canonically non-binary, which means they would rather be addressed with they/them pronouns. Although they also tend to enjoy being called on with male pronouns, so one can say they are non-binary but would swing towards he/him pronouns.  Their family history has been littered with cases of LGBTQA+, such as her uncle Jesse who would dress in his mother’s clothes and tend to be fond of men.

Nicholas Scratch, a warlock who befriends Sabrina, is revealed to be perfectly fine with being in polyamorous relationships. He even seems to only be in polyamorous relationships. This is the first time I have ever seen this in a show. Ever. I was shocked yet amazed at how this show touches on so many minorities. 

On the topic of LGBTQA+, we also see the bullying Susie faces while at Baxter High. He faces severe bullying from the jocks at his school. One time his shirt was lifted by the jocks because they wanted to see if he was “truly” a man.

Many also face the torment of the jocks, especially females. We see how patriarchy is still very much alive in our schools, along with censorship, when the principal at Baxter High refuses to help Susie, threatens to take down Elephant (WICCA), and bans books that may be “harmful and offensive” to the students. 

Not only do we see minorities in the LGBTQA+ being represented, but we also see many POC characters. The three sisters who torment Sabrina, Prudence and the other two, are all minorities. A black teenage girl, an Asian female, and a ginger. One of Sabrina’s best friends is also a black teenage girl, but she is going through severe vision loss. Around episode 5 or 6, it is revealed she will go completely blind in less than three months. 

Harvey Kinkle, Sabrina’s boyfriend, faces trouble at home. He wants to stay in school and possibly even pursue a career in comic books, but his father would rather he work in the mines.Harvey’s big brother, Tom, protects him as much as he can. 

The show touches on all these topics, but it also touches on religion, which is a big thing I also noticed. In this series, Satanism is treated lightly and it’s common, almost to how Christianity is treated in today’s society. Like Christians, Sabrina and her family follow the religion of Satanism. Satanism, like Christianity, has its own rules and traditions in this show. For example, the Feast of Feasts. 

What truly made me stay, though, was how Sabrina started questioning her religion. I related to her in a sense that she didn’t like what these people were doing and she wanted freedom. She wanted to make her own path. Zelda Spellman, though, is the Satanic version of a strict Christian mother. While Sabrina questions and tries to unravel the secrets of the unholy church, Zelda wants Sabrina to accept their ways. 

“Why does he [Satan AKA The Dark Lord] get to decide what I do or don’t do with my body?” -Sabrina Spellman 

Yes, the show addresses all of this, but a question one might have is: “Well, is the show scary?”. For those looking for a fright, I’m afraid this isn’t for you. There are some scenes that are absolutely scary and gory, like in the first episode when Sabrina meets her familiar or when she’s chased by a scarecrow, but overall the show is quite peaceful. 

Each episode is almost an hour long, including the recap and the introduction, but it is completely worth it. The episode captures you, and it makes you want to sit and watch it until you finish it. I’m only on the seventh episode of the first season, but I can’t wait to watch more.

Richard’s Castle

Richard's castle

The tapping of her fingers on the screen was the only noise in the desolate hallway. Looking down at her phone, she passed familiar paintings and familiar pictures, all with eyes that would stare at her with their cold, dead gaze.

The eyes would follow, but she was used to the feeling.

She sent out one last text when her shoe clapped down on the floor and sunk into the water. Furrowing her brows, she looked up and dragged her foot away.

The soles of her converse were caked with water that was slowly seeping through. Trickles of water that splashed up somehow reached her knee. Little dots and lines a shade of darker blue were damp and felt tight against her skin.

Following the trail of water, her eyes remained stoic. She had experienced this situation one too many times. This one bathroom, in a vast castle that was fully operational, was the only bathroom that experienced pipe problems. It was also the only room that has been locked away from the public eye, even when she first got here.

Celeste had stayed in this monstrous castle for about two weeks now due to a school field trip. Throughout her trip, one might say she experienced… odd happenings.

In her room, she discovered a worn-out box stuffed into the closet, deep in its hold. A painting was wrapped up in fine cloth to protect it, and once unraveled, she was met face to face with Richard XI, the king who lived in the castle in the late 1400’s.

She recognized the face due to seeing a portrait of him and his wife hanging near the entrance of the palace. Brown, murky eyes always followed her. It felt like she was being watched, even when the painting was tucked away, far far away from her.

When she first arrived with her group of friends and was given a tour, they were strictly forbidden from entering that one bathroom. She wasn’t told exactly why to stay away until she first came across it. The excessive water damage and flooding in the room were hazardous.

The first time coming across the incident, she immediately found someone to clean up the mess. Once they returned, though, the spill was gone. Brushing it off as another employee coming across the mess and cleaning it up, she went on with her life. Until it happened again. And again.

This time, she had enough. She scoffed and rolled her eyes, but paused when she noticed something was quite peculiar about it all this time.

The door was open. Wide open.

“What..?”, she whispered to herself, gently stepping through the puddle, curiously peeking into the bathroom.

She would’ve marveled at the beauty of the vast thing if it weren’t for the hand obviously sticking out of the bath.

She fumbled over her words. The hand wasn’t moving at all.

“Yo, you aren’t supposed to be here…”, her words trailed off when the water plopped and splashed on the tiled ground stained red.

That’s when it hits her. Why was the water red?

“Oh my god.”, she yelped, slipping on the water as she rushed over to the tub.

Not bothering to fix her sleeves, she dunks her hands in. The reflection on the water and the crimson blur the image of the person but at her proximity, she can tell this was a man.

Her hands slipped and fumbled, and she couldn’t grab him. She heard her heart in her throat. The blood water splashed and coated her, but she could care less. He was dying.

Suddenly, she yelps. Quickly glancing behind her, she confirms that the noise was the door closing on her. Focusing back on the man, she pales when she realizes he’s gone.

Freezing entirely, Celeste is left in shock. After some seconds of total silence, she gently paws through the water, as if he disintegrated from lack of blood. Pulling her hands out of the water, she begins to tremble when the smell hits her.

The smell of death and blood and iron hit her straight on and she curls up, almost about to throw up her lunch. She shrieks when she realizes she’s coated in the substance. Her clothes stick to her skin, and she tugged, trying to get them to not hug her flesh. Her throat closed up as she tasted the familiar taste of tears on her tongue.

Fumbling to the door, she fights with the knob, only for her to discover that it’s jammed.

“Come on, come on!”, she cries, proceeding to bang on the door with all her might, “Somebody help me!”.

Her fist and heart stop when her ear catches a slight noise. The water in the tub. Did she turn off the faucet? Was it even on in the first place?

Her grip on the doorknob is iron-tight as she turns, although the rest of her shook like an autumn leave.

There he was. The man.

Her knees gave out on her and she slid down the door all the way to the ground. The harsh landing was ignored, her heart beating so loud it sounded almost like her favorite tune.

His eyes emerged from the murky red bath, while his nose and the rest of him stayed under. Glossy black hair dripped and dripped, and the only noise besides her heartbeat was the dripping of the drops on the surface of the bath water.

His skin was pale, almost gray, and you could see every vein subtly detail his face. High cheekbones and sharp eyes finished his look off.

Their gazes locked and brown, murky eyes were the only thing she saw.

This is an excerpt from a book I’m planning called Richard’s Castle, it’s a supernatural fiction based on Celeste and her experiences in the castle. I have a big plan for the book and everything tied to it and I can’t wait to see how the book will go, honestly. I’ve always been really into writing fictional stories, especially dealing with the unique and odd.

I hope you enjoyed. Thank you for reading!